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Indian Chlorite

The name “Chlorite”  from the Greek language  for “green” –  refers to chlorite’s typical colour.  Chlorite has been used for carving  in Persia and Pakistan since at least the 3-2nd millenium BC.

Our  Chlorite comes from India and is a perfect medium for carving great detail in a stone.  The stone itself has a dark green colour, but when fully polished turns to a beautiful black colour.   The stones have few  mineral deposits and are in most cases fracture-free.

The Indian Chlorite is a softer Chlorite and has a Moh factor between 2-3.

Chlorite is a broad group of layer silicate minerals  composed of hydrous aluminum silicates, usually magnesium and iron.  They occur as residual by-products of other higher temperature minerals and are most common in sedimentary and igneous rocks and in some metamorphic rocks.  


Chlorite has a very dark greenish look to it, but when it is polished to a fine degree has a jet black look to your sculptured piece.