Soapstone Carving Classes

Hello Everyone,

And thank you for your interest in our carving classes that we are planning for spring/summer 2021.

Please join the Facebook group to receive further updates. Gian Carlo Stoneworks on Facebook.

We have some information to share as we plan but due to Covid restrictions we will be holding off on classes for the time being until we are confident that we are following BC health and safety orders and we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

Here are some of the details of what are planning for the rollout of our classes.

-This will be beginner classes taught by an instructor with years of past experience.

-The classes will be held on our property in Langley with social distancing accounted for and tools for use during the class will be provided.

-Classes will be in 2 hour blocks on days and times still yet to be determined and classes will range in size from 5-7 participants, for a total of 8 hours of instruction which should give you time with a little bit of homework to complete your first sculpture.

-Costs will only be $60 per participant for our introductory offer of these classes. This will include the instruction, an 8lb block of soapstone, and tool use while in the class.

-The instructor will take you through concepts, tool usage, techniques and finishing practices to leave you confident to continue on your way with the great experience and reward of carving in soapstone and other mediums.

My apologies that these are taking longer than planned to start as we thought we were getting to a safer time with Covid numbers going down only to start back upwards right when we started to send this information out.