35lb Indian Green Soapstone Block 10.5x5.25x5.25 - Gian Carlo Artistic Stone

Gian Carlo Artistic Stone

35lb Indian Green Soapstone Block 10.5x5.25x5.25

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A 35lb block of soft soapstone for carving and sculpture. Colors will vary due to the natural nature of the product.

10.5inches by 5.25inches by 5.25 inches.

Dark green in color with sometimes a lighter green mix.

An exceptional high quality carving medium.

Nice, consistent stone that is soft and easy to work with

Weights can be slightly more or less depending on the density of each particular stone

Soapstone is a natural product that could have inclusions and minor cracks and as such should be worked with gentle care.

Blocks may not be perfectly square or smooth on all six sides. Corners and edges may be chipped or rounded.

Approximate Mohs scale hardness of 1.5,can be scratched with a finger nail.

Our specialty is custom orders. We can only show a fraction of the stone that we carry on our online store. Please email us at giancarlostoneworks@gmail.com with any specific requests. We carry over 150,000lbs of Soapstone from Brazil and India, over 50,000lbs of Alabaster from Spain, over 15,000lbs of Chlorite, and over 15,000lbs of Wonderstone/Pyrophyllite. We arrange shipping for you and deliver to customers all over North America. 

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